#Montreal can be both a fascinating and charming place to visit. I happen to visit in the cold winter around Christmas season and it was anything but boring.

This is what I recommend , if you are open to suggestions:

  • Place to stay: #Chateau Versailles Hotel

This 4 star hotel, situated in downtown Montreal is easily accessible to public transport, shops – 2 minutes walk from #Ste Catherine street, which is definitely on the must-do shopping list. The hotel has a cold breakfast buffet. It has an old French style deco – if you are in that sort of thing.

  • Places to eat: #L’Usine de Spaghetti

This traditional restaurant located in Old Montreal will surprise your taste buds. The ravioli and the peach sangria was the best. But they do have a good collection for wine-lovers as well.

Speaking of food, you cannot ignore dessert if you have a sweet tooth. I would recommend the macarons (moist inside and hard outside – just the way they should be!) from #Première Moisson. The products are an absolute treat.

  • Places to visit:

Religious: # St-Joseph Oratory, #Notre Dame Basilica

Shopping: #Underground City, #Rue Ste-Catherines, #Complexe Desjardins #Places Versailles

Recreational: #La Ronde, #Biosphère

These are just a few suggestions. There are other places you can visit. For me, one visit to Montreal is not enough. The city is endearing and you want to go again and again.


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